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We’ve all had a great evening at the Baseball tonight, as we got back late we will update the blog properly in the morning   

Day 10 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today, the Scout Group visited Sidney, to explore the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. Following a brief inspection and an hour and a half bus journey we arrived at our destination.    Scouts enjoyed learning about Jellyfish and other regional sea life, whilst others ventured further into town and visited shops, restaurants and the ever popular …

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Day 9 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today’s  exciting day began with a breakfast and for once they gave us hash browns with our bacon and eggs, which is very generous considering our past breakfasts. We then started with the Scouts Own. We were told many stories which we all listened to with great concentration. During this session we also had to …

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Day 8 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Wow! Day eight already? We’ve all become so immersed in camp life that we’ve lost all track of time. Today was another action-packed, innuendo-filled, scorching day of activities.  First of all, after a hearty breakfast Kangaroos’ hopes of Nightingale cup glory were shattered by another zero in their night marks, courtesy of Peewits Patrol (again). …

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Chapman Swimming Shield results are in

 After a closely fought swimming competition lasting all afternoon we now have the results of this year’s swimming competition.   Winners 2015 – Otters Patrol 2nd Lions 3rd Swifts 4th Foxes 5th Owls 6th Peewits 7th Kangaroos 8th Curlews

Day 7 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today the entire troop went to Sooke Potholes, these are carvings in the ground formed by the rivers flow, after time larger pools form, in which we spent the afternoon. The weather was so hot, much hotter than back home (gallons of suncream was applied to Dan’s sunburnt belly) the icey pool was very refreshing, …

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Day 6 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Day 6 was a fun filled extravaganza of a day for the 19th Bolton. The whole squad pioneered up the slightly treacherous Mt. Bluff. The whole Gang followed Mev to the summit to be met by a fantastic view. The view spanned 360 degrees and the troop was able to see mainland America, the lake …

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Hannah is 14!

We rounded off last night with cake to celebrate our first birthday of camp   


If Dan’s salmon pink sunburn wasn’t enough of a treat for the scouts then the 19th Bolton was definitely in for a treat. Firstly, Tom gave us wood (to make our rods) and we used magical jiggery-pokery to attach everything together. Once sat on the pontoon, luck was definitely not on our side. No one …

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Following our return from Parksville, Kangaroos, Peewits, and Curlews began to prepare their Masterchef meal to compete for the Greenhalgh Trophy. Kangaroo Patrol prepared a pâté dish to begin, followed by chicken noodle stir fry and mini key lime pies. One scout described the meal as “over-cooked and cold but a good attempt at a …

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