If Dan’s salmon pink sunburn wasn’t enough of a treat for the scouts then the 19th Bolton was definitely in for a treat. Firstly, Tom gave us wood (to make our rods) and we used magical jiggery-pokery to attach everything together. Once sat on the pontoon, luck was definitely not on our side. No one caught a single fish! However, using smelly shrimps as bait still gave us fishy fingers! If that wasn’t enough the camp Masterchef was a seafood inspired evening. Let’s just say, Tom Paterson’s ‘mackerel pâté’ definitely gave us a tasty fish supper.

James S & Lucinda B

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    • David Morrison on July 31, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    If the ‘Dan’ you refer to is ours, please remind him that salmon pink is not a good look for a boy and that his mum packed the sun cream in his luggage – factor 50 for pink boys!


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