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Day 4 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

We started the day of activities by building rafts which we went on to race around the lake.    We then stopped for lunch after getting very wet and cold in the water, we then munched on Pizza for lunch and went on to split into groups to get involved with archery and canoeing.  In …

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Day 3 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today we went to the botanical beach and we explored over the rocks. We found many mussels, lots of limpets, pink sea coral, a dead octopus which was very large and lots of hermit crabs. We also saw potholes in many different shapes and sizes. The weather has been fabulous. Lots of paddling and playing …

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Day 2 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

On Day 2 we began the day with an early breakfast and a short inspection.    Following this we drove to Nanaimo to watch the world championship of the Bathtub Race. Given free time to explore, Scouts ventured into music stores, restaurants and exhibits. The weather was wonderfully sunny for a full day out of …

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Day 1 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

After the first flag break of the camp, we looked around the campsite to get to know our surroundings. We tried very hard to look for bears but we were unsuccessful. There are only two black bears on the campsite, but luckily we’re almost certain that Dan and Sam won’t eat us. We also found …

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Exploring camp

We’ve been out and about exploring camp this morning. Duty patrol will be doing a daily post every evening our time so everyone back in the UK can check out what we have been getting up to when you get up.      

We’re Here!

We’ve all arrived at Camp Barnard safe and sound, if a little tired. Advance party cooked us up a feast of chicken burgers for our arrival and everyone is fed now and off to bed for a well needed rest.

Waiting at the gate

We’re all checked in now and waiting at the gate for boarding to start. Next stop Vancouver!   

We’re on our way!

  All loaded up on the coach now and on our way to Manchester Airport