We’re on our way back!

We are all at the airport now and are just about to board our flight home. 

Flight TS254 is currently on time, due 10:00 at Manchester Airport

See you all soon


Day 14 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Day 14 was a glorious day for all! The whole gang went in pursuit of whales (and I don’t mean watching the people in the Sooke McDonalds). The troop were split into smaller sections to fit on each boat. As a Swift, I can only comment on our journey in the boat. Unfortunately, the trip resembled that of the Titanic. However, aided by the fairly hilarious Paul Greenhalgh, the trip wasn’t too bad. 

After a fairly moist journey, the whole troop saw some Orcas; ’twas grand! 


We stopped off afterwards on Sidney Spit for a last bit of swimming in the sea. To help the ferry man with numbers we departed on an early ferry back to Sidney. Greeted by the rather smug James Preston and dedicated camp-vest-top-wearer, James Stevens.

After trawling the seven seas, the ex-PL’s decided who should carry on the devine right of PLship. 

It is with tremendous gratitude, that I thank everybody for all their efforts on camp. I don’t really have anything more to say other than the McDonalds that Preston and I ate whilst others fought for their lives on the beaches was rather excellent.

With Love, Peace and Clarity

Lord Swayzeman Stevens, ex communist dictator of Swifts xx

Day 13 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today on camp we had another birthday. Today’s belonged to Joe Brennan, who turned 12. In the morning we did the annual commando course. It was a challenging course featuring crawling under tarps, swimming in the lake and climbing a rope ladder. In the end it was won by Otters patrol. After dominating the field they finished with a very impressive time of 9:18.

Before lunch, the semi-finals for the table tennis tournament were held. The competitors for this were Pierce, Guy, Jacob and Snape. After lunch there was some time for swimming and sunbathing, most people getting pushed in at least once.

Once tea was over the final of the table tennis tournament was played. Pierce was the victor.

The evening activity was a Wide Game of capture the TL. As usual Tom Howarth was caught first. To conclude August 6th we had cocoa very well made by Paul G and entertainment provided by Adam Whitmore & Benj Williamson.

Otter Patrol.

Joe is 12!

Joe’s birthday celebrations have rounded off birthdays on camp for this year.

Happy birthday Matthew R Mum.

Happy birthday Mum. I hope you have the best birthday ever, despite me not being there. Lots of hugs and kisses from Canada.

Love you lots, Matthew.  Xxxxxxxxxxx

Day 12 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today we woke up and had a breakfast consisting of spam, toast and beans. We then had a quick inspection and got on the yellow bus that took us into Victoria, where we visited the Royal British Columbia Museum.


We were then allowed freetime in Victoria which many of the troop spent buying baseball mitts, inspired by last night’s game they went on to wear them while walking round Victoria. Some of the troop also decided to spend their money on GOOD food which was nice for once.

We then went back to camp to a intense game of table tennis between Snape and Little Sam (won by Snape) followed by a filling meal prepared by the parents.

Evening entertainment was in the form of the annual Camp Quiz, run by quizmaster Paul with his glamorous assistant Tom. This year’s winners were Kangaroos.


Happy Birthday Nathan’s Mum!

Happy birthday mum from Canada! Hope you have a great day. Love and hugs from your darling son. 

Day 11 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

To start off the day we went out on an incident hike in which there were various activities which included making a stretcher, ‘diffusing’ a ‘bomb’, popping balloons with a bow and arrow, carving cutlery and hiding in the woods.

After the hike we went out to a baseball game. The game was featuring the local Harbourcats, whom we were supporting and a team on tour from the USA. We bought lots of food and merchandise and even witnessed two home runs. We left a bit before the end as we had an hour drive back to camp afterwards.



We’ve all had a great evening at the Baseball tonight, as we got back late we will update the blog properly in the morning


Day 10 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today, the Scout Group visited Sidney, to explore the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. Following a brief inspection and an hour and a half bus journey we arrived at our destination.


Scouts enjoyed learning about Jellyfish and other regional sea life, whilst others ventured further into town and visited shops, restaurants and the ever popular McDonalds.

Around 1 O clock we travelled to All Fun At Western Speedway for a bit of go-karting and baseball. One Scouter was particularly noted for his aggressive driving style after demolishing a Troop Leader in his path.


Later in the afternoon we returned to Camp Barnard for the final round of Masterchef, Fishing and Survival. Whilst Peewits, Kangaroos and Curlews set up their hammocks for the night; Owls, Swifts and the TLs got to work in the kitchen. Menus featured Pizza, Chicken and Stuffed Peppers and all three groups were commended for their efforts.

 As the three survivalist groups head out for a night under the Canadian night sky, we look forward to an Incident Hike and Baseball Match tomorrow.

Curlews Patrol