Day 9 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today’s  exciting day began with a breakfast and for once they gave us hash browns with our bacon and eggs, which is very generous considering our past breakfasts.

We then started with the Scouts Own. We were told many stories which we all listened to with great concentration. During this session we also had to think about past events and place them on a timeline. There were many interesting dates, some sad but many happy dates. 


After lunch we had to get active for Camp Olympics. There were many fun events including throwing events like shot put. There was also a big running race where we all tried our best to get some point. 

After dinner we all had a competitive game of spoons. There were cards everywhere as well as spoons being dropped on the table. 



Day 8 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Wow! Day eight already? We’ve all become so immersed in camp life that we’ve lost all track of time. Today was another action-packed, innuendo-filled, scorching day of activities. 

First of all, after a hearty breakfast Kangaroos’ hopes of Nightingale cup glory were shattered by another zero in their night marks, courtesy of Peewits Patrol (again). Then, while the survivors went to fetch their hammocks from the woods, the rest of us collected some massive wood and built a trio of trebuchets, accompanied by a fine selection of Take That songs chosen by Molly Marshall. 


After lunch we were slightly shaken with the announcement of a surprise swimming tournament. The Chapman Shield was fought for in Lake Young, and included all the usual races as well as a team raft event and a patrol ‘mounting the log’ competition. 

Campfire followed, and as per normal went by in a flurry of aggressive banter, Smurf jibes (aggressive banter) and many people having water dumped on their heads during the traditional patrol sketches. 

As ever, the table tennis continues, with Rohit the Destroyer battering James Stevens…and then beating him at table tennis. The bears still elude us, but Dan and Sam will have to come out of their cabins sooner or later.


Chapman Swimming Shield results are in

 After a closely fought swimming competition lasting all afternoon we now have the results of this year’s swimming competition.

Winners 2015 – Otters Patrol

2nd Lions

3rd Swifts

4th Foxes

5th Owls

6th Peewits

7th Kangaroos

8th Curlews

Day 7 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Today the entire troop went to Sooke Potholes, these are carvings in the ground formed by the rivers flow, after time larger pools form, in which we spent the afternoon. The weather was so hot, much hotter than back home (gallons of suncream was applied to Dan’s sunburnt belly) the icey pool was very refreshing, especially when Mike let us jump off the rocky cliff into the water.


In the evening Otters, Foxes and Lions did Masterchef which was very tasty, the meals were varied yet still keeping the scout element with them due to the lack of difficulty needed to prepare.

Kangaroos, Peewits and Curlews had their own little fishing fun which was sadly uneventful however the fish did enjoy the evening, taking the bait bread and not the hooked bread leaving some scouts with puzzled faces and empty stomachs (of fish, they did get fed).


The Owls and Swifts patrol became the next born survivors with their adventure into bear country (about 700m away from main camp), hoping to have a none eventful night with our furry friends that we share the camp with.

From Owls patrol

Day 6 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

Day 6 was a fun filled extravaganza of a day for the 19th Bolton. The whole squad pioneered up the slightly treacherous Mt. Bluff. The whole Gang followed Mev to the summit to be met by a fantastic view. The view spanned 360 degrees and the troop was able to see mainland America, the lake on which we Canoed earlier and the vast woodland and pine forests around Vancouver Island. The sharp descent was rather dangerous; to which the likes of Snape even slipped. 

After a quick dip in the lake to cool off, we all got into ‘the swing of things’ with the troop table tennis tournament with the heavyweight title challengers Tom Paterson and Abigail Devenney were knocked out by Rohit The Destroyer and the vigorously Jazz handed James Stevens respectively.

Upon the close to proceedings, the troop went on an outing to the nearby town Sooke. Many visited the museum to learn the socio-cultural life of the Canadian tribesmen. Others went to the nearby Burrito stall to which the stall bearers must have made a small fortune. After eating, the troop explored the various craft stalls around the museum and bought things for their parents. To any parents or internet stalkers reading this, I really hope you all enjoy your fancy soap. 

And now after a strenuous leg day for all, there isn’t much left for me to say. On behalf of the 19th Bolton Scout troop, the Ginger bros Burrito stall and Our merciful Lord God. I’d like to wish you the best of luck to all reading.

Yours Sincerely,

James S, PL of Swifts and dedicated camp vest top wearer 

Hannah is 14!

We rounded off last night with cake to celebrate our first birthday of camp



If Dan’s salmon pink sunburn wasn’t enough of a treat for the scouts then the 19th Bolton was definitely in for a treat. Firstly, Tom gave us wood (to make our rods) and we used magical jiggery-pokery to attach everything together. Once sat on the pontoon, luck was definitely not on our side. No one caught a single fish! However, using smelly shrimps as bait still gave us fishy fingers! If that wasn’t enough the camp Masterchef was a seafood inspired evening. Let’s just say, Tom Paterson’s ‘mackerel pâté’ definitely gave us a tasty fish supper.

James S & Lucinda B


Following our return from Parksville, Kangaroos, Peewits, and Curlews began to prepare their Masterchef meal to compete for the Greenhalgh Trophy.

Kangaroo Patrol prepared a pâté dish to begin, followed by chicken noodle stir fry and mini key lime pies. One scout described the meal as “over-cooked and cold but a good attempt at a complex set of dishes.” 

Peewits patrol began with an attempt at scallops on bread accompanied by a dash of soya sauce and a helping of garlic paste. They then prepared a unique attempt at a stir fry and a chocolate brownie. One TL commented that the meal was “an ambitious and original set of meals presented in a memorable fashion.” 

Finally Curlews patrol prepared sausages in a honey and mustard dressing, chicken and oven fried potato skewers followed by hand made beef burgers and sweet potato fries and homemade lemon and lime cheesecake. Scouters described the entry as ” nicely presented and rather dry, the burgers were well cooked but could do with more seasoning and the dessert was tasty but poorly presented”.

Overall all three patrols were commended for their efforts. 

Sam W


Last night Otters, Lions and Foxes camped out in the woods sleeping in hammocks and covered in mosquito nets. We got a mixture of temperatures through the night. Even though the night was a cold one everyone really enjoyed themselves and will probably recommend doing it again sometime.

James H

Day 5 at the 19th Bolton Centenary Camp

 Today on camp we went to the beach at Parksville. While we were there at the beach there was a sand sculpting competition. The theme was “Heroes and Villans”, the sculptures were excellent, there was lots of detail in the creations. How they built them we will never know. The artists were very imaginative in their creations. It wasn’t just superheroes and Villans but it was basic things as well, such as cat and mouse, not because of example cat woman, but just as cats are seen as enemies of mice.

 In Parksville it didn’t look like there were lots of shops, however near the beach front there were a range of stands that were selling donuts and ice lollies. The main part of the town wasn’t very far from the beach. A quick walk from the sculpting contest led to the main road along the front of the town. Along here was a range of food places were our groups went and ate, such as Pizza Hut, Tim Hortons and a Fish ‘n Chips shop. After the lunchtime meal, most of us then headed to the beach and had a splash about. As the water was so shallow we could swim out very far. After we had got out and had dried ourselves we headed to the bus to drive back to camp.

On our return we split into three groups for Masterchef, Survival and Fishing, more to follow on how we got on tomorrow….