Campfire’s Burning

Everyone has been in fine voice at the campfire this year​

Happy Birthday Mum!

Happy Birthday mum, from Rory. X

Incident Hike

On Saturday we went on an incident hike around the Dufton trail. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had 12 incidents along the way – including marshmallow bridges, platform building, blindfold tents, mini orinenteering etc – the majority of the patrols navigated their way around the trail and completed the incident challenges however two patrols got lost and missed some of the incidents!!!

Day two of hikes

We all camped overnight at various campsites and set off on our routes. The first group to arrive back at camp was the six man hike at 1:00 and the other groups weren’t far behind. After a wash and a change of clothes we unpacked everything and put up the tents to dry. The young scouts are at the campsite now and settling into their patrols.


Today we embarked on our group hikes, where the scouts armed heavily with much equipment, navigated their way to the evening’s campsites. Despite it being a long and tiresome journey the scouts remained in high spirits and all groups successfully reached their destination ready to return to camp tomorrow. 

Day 5-bridge building and hike prep

Today all of the patrols teamed up in pairs to attempt to build a bridge across the river running down the side of our camp side. After an hour of tying knots, collecting wood and getting our feet wet, the bridges were built.

In the afternoon we started to prepare for the hikes. We were put into our hike groups and started to plan out routes. Later, we are all going swimming near Appleby, all of us are looking forward to our first shower in five days !!!!!!

A Day at Light Water Valley  Theme Park

Today we had a fun packed day at light water valley theme park. We started the day waking up bright and early to get the most out of the day. Before we got there, we had to endure a 90 minute journey in the stuffy coach and surrounded by traffic. As soon as we arrived and got our tickets, a swarm of scouts descended upon the park. 

All the rides were thoroughly enjoyable such as the eagle’s claw, the black pearl but by a mile and a half(which is how long the roller coaster is.) The ultimate which was voted best ride by us scouts. We are now just settling down to the 2016 quiz night!

Day 3 – MasterChef

We woke up to a lovely blue sky and fairly warm temperature, we washed and ate a delicious and substantial breakfast and got ready for outdoor inspection by laying out our groundsheets and sleeping bags and all of the kit we brought with us. 

Afterwards we went on the coach to Penrith, and we all split into groups and some went shopping and some swimming. After a couple of hours we all collected ingredients in Sainsbury’s for the Master Chef competition and when we arrived back at camp we started to prepare the food that we would present later on today. We think our entries for a main meal and dessert went down quite well, and were edible and tasty, and we are looking forward to a game.

Day 2 – 19th Bolton Scout Camp

Another busy day on camp started with some training and testing of how to safely use axes and saws. We then had a delicious homemade soup for lunch to refuel us ready for an afternoon of menu planning in preparation for the ‘master chef’ competition later in the week. Tea was cooked in patrols – spag bol followed by stewed apples and smokey custard…..mmmmmmmm!! 

Flag down for the first night of camp. 

After a good journey we arrived today to find camp set up and ready with the fires burning. 

We set about pitching the patrol tents and then split into teams to collect more wood, chop wood, and carry out other camp duties. 

We had an excellent roast chicken dinner followed by pink goo pudding. 

After dinner there was time for a game of hilltop quick cricket before coco and biscuits for supper, flag down and lights out! 

A great first day of camp.