Day 3 – MasterChef

We woke up to a lovely blue sky and fairly warm temperature, we washed and ate a delicious and substantial breakfast and got ready for outdoor inspection by laying out our groundsheets and sleeping bags and all of the kit we brought with us. 

Afterwards we went on the coach to Penrith, and we all split into groups and some went shopping and some swimming. After a couple of hours we all collected ingredients in Sainsbury’s for the Master Chef competition and when we arrived back at camp we started to prepare the food that we would present later on today. We think our entries for a main meal and dessert went down quite well, and were edible and tasty, and we are looking forward to a game.

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    • Bill Fielding on 2nd August 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Rory, hope you’ve got egg to bind those ‘gourmet burgers’ !

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