A Day at Light Water Valley  Theme Park

Today we had a fun packed day at light water valley theme park. We started the day waking up bright and early to get the most out of the day. Before we got there, we had to endure a 90 minute journey in the stuffy coach and surrounded by traffic. As soon as we arrived and got our tickets, a swarm of scouts descended upon the park. 

All the rides were thoroughly enjoyable such as the eagle’s claw, the black pearl but by a mile and a half(which is how long the roller coaster is.) The ultimate which was voted best ride by us scouts. We are now just settling down to the 2016 quiz night!

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    • Fiona on 3rd August 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Glad to see everyone is having a good time. Hope your all prepared for the hike and fingers crossed for some good weather for you.
    The B’s xxx

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